Hush Little Baby

© Dolores Neilson

Hush Little Baby

Robert Mann level-classic May 09, 2003

Now I know why I haven't seen or heard from your lately! You had a .....NEW CAMERA and Cool a FUJI S2! I am so envious....and look what you can do with it already! I know the challenges of learning a new camera, but this baby portrait is simply stunning! The composition is superb, I feel like could touch the eyebrows they look so real even in BW. Wow Super "D", we are going see some stuff from you now. OOOOHH I'm so excited for you. Let me know what lenses you got....this is great! And Good luck to us all now that you have gone digital SLR, we are going to need it! RoB #34325

Murry Grigsby May 26, 2019

There are those eyelashes again :0) Precious photo and great B&W work, Dolores. Congrats on the new camera. I'm sure it will make you even more productive and will soon be second nature to you. Sure did miss your posts the last few days. #94624

Gerda Grice level-classic May 26, 2019

This is an adorable picture, Dolores! The crop and framing are just perfect, and you captured the softness and beauty of the baby wonderfully. Congratulations on the new camera, too! I'm looking forward to seeing much more of the wonderful work I know you'll be doing with it! #94641

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

HI RoB!! THank you so much for the congratulations! I'm very excited about my new light box! It just feels so good in my hands and I'm enjoying photography more than ever! I took 4 weeks investing countless hours learning about the dSLR's and lenses (had never handled an Slr before!). And had no clue which lenses I was going to need for my style of photography. I bought the Sigma 50mm 2.8 macro (MTF tests very high on this one), a Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 IF-ED G, VR, used Nikkor 300mm 2.8 (which I may return because I'm told it was shipped with a scratch!) and a Tokina 90mm 2.5 manual macro lens. I don't have a wide angle yet but I'm working on it. I was totally ignorant on the lenses and I had so much work to do before I made the investment...and I was yearning to shoot but my camera was naked. I no longer want to see any more photodo mtf tests, field tests and charts!! Thank you for your encouragement and delightful note. I am simply enjoying my new capabilities!! Have a great evening!!

Hi Murry! Thank you for the kindness of your message. This is one of my first shots with it and I have much to learn. I've never seen so many controls on an electronic device in my life! Good grief! Seeing through a viewfinder was a whole new revelation for me! NIrvana! I don't know how I focused my G1 using it's LCD! Viewfinders are way better than resolution lines! I don't think a new SLR camera will make me a better photographer...considering the countless substandard pics made with state of the art cameras! But I hope it will make it easier and I can get larger prints! Many thanks, good friend! I missed you (and everyone) immensely!! #94642

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you so very much, Gerda!! I've been having a ball with my new equipment...though I don't know how to use half of it yet! Thank goodness for a supportive husband...considering the expensive camera and lenses. I just hope I can sell a few prints to offset the cost someday. I appreciate you're taking time to comment on my baby shot! I appreciate it lots!

I dont' understand why Ellen Peach's comment disappeared. She wrote me a lovely comment and I it seems to have vanished! Ellen, know that I acknowledge your kindness. #94645

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe May 26, 2019

Incredible shot, Dolores! So real you can feel the soft skin and the tickle of the eyelashes! Sure is an excellent kick off for that new digital! It's always a daunting task learning a whole new set of tools, but I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more killer shots in no time :-) #94673

Kathleen Clemons May 26, 2019

Dolores, I knew this was your's before I saw your name. Welcome back! This is just beautiful, and a lovely way to start off on your new camera adventure. Congratulations!! I know who I'll be asking for lens advice when I step up too. :) #94681

Shirley L. Carpenter May 26, 2019

Excellent Image Dolores......Love it.....And welcome back!!!!!!But well worth missing a few days for an image like this........ #94709

Judith G. Secco May 26, 2019

Welcome back Dolores! You were missed. I kept checking your gallery daily to see if you had posted.
Congratulations on this wonderful shot, just incredible, and also on your new camera. There's no stopping you now!
Judy #94710

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Good morning Gary, Kathleen, Shirley and Judy!! My...Thank you all so very much! I missed everyone but it was even harder not shooting...though I could have with my G1 still. Somehow when you know you have a high MP don't want to shoot with 3 mp's any more! THe information and education about lenses is incredible...zooms versus fixed, bokeh, fast lenses, slow lenses, results stopped down, results wide open, internal focusing, ED glass...non ED glass, manual, Af-S, flare, contrast, weight, distortion....arrrgh!! I must have spent 10 hours each day researching!! For future purchases, I can take my least I have lenses to shoot with right now.

THank you so very much, GAry!! And you're so right...a entire new set of tools IS challenging!! It 's definitely an advantage to have learned basic SLR skills in the past...wishing I had shown interest in photography prior to 2 yrs ago when I picked up my first non point and shoot. I think I'm starting this little passion of mine very late in life. I appreciate your complimentary post immensely!! Thanks so much!

THat is high praise, Kathleen!! THank you for your supportive post!! An adventure ...that's for sure! Lens advice?? I'm happy to help all I can. Though it all depends on your shooting style...but start reading early if you plan on future purchases!! THere are so many can drive you crazy!! Compromises will drive you nuts!! THank you!!

HI SHirley!! I'm deeply appreciative for your kindness! Thanks so much....and I can't tell you how nice it is to be competing and back again. We'll see how I adapt to my equipment...geez, I feel like it'll take me years!

Hi Judy!! Many, many thanks! I missed you also but I was so busy that I didn't have time to think about it too much. I appreciate your compliment on this image very much. You are very generous...THANK YOU! #94735

Peggy Wolff May 26, 2019

Dolores, you have done it again. I love the softness of your images! Her eyelashes just jump out at you. The composition is perfect! Beautiful shot! #94756

Connie L. Carpenter May 26, 2019

This is wonderful! #95141

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hi Margaret!! How sweet of you to take time to compliment this image. Thank you !! It's sure wonderful to be back!

Greetings, Connie!! Many thanks to you also!! HOw nice of you!! Happy day! #95200

May 26, 2019

Absolutely gorgeous photo. I love it! #95390

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

THank you so much, Michelle!! I appreciate it your kindness immensely!! #95451

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe May 26, 2019

Congrats, Dolores! #112986

Kathleen Clemons May 26, 2019

Congratulations, Dolores! :) #112992

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you, my dear friends Carolyn and Kathleen!! I appreciate that you've taken time to stop by and congratulate me considering there are well over 350 finalists!! Thank you so much!! #113122

Bob D. Hall level-classic May 26, 2019

Great photo, Super D!!!!
This one is winning everywhere. #113273

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic May 26, 2019

Congrats - very nice picture! #113296

Colette M. Metcalf May 26, 2019

Congrats to you Doloris!!!! #113302

Robert Mann level-classic May 26, 2019

Wow, "Super D" cannot even think of imagining that this would not be here! Of course it is and deservedly so! Another honor for this wonderful image and it will not be the last! Congrats on your Finalist selection for this and I cannot wait to see how far it goes! RoB #113304

Jean-Francois Schmutz May 26, 2019

What a delighted result !
a great idea to focus on lashes, this is soft and beautiful !
Bravo Dolores !

JF #113335

Juliane Morris-Lusk May 26, 2019

How can I add to what others have said...It is a beautiful work, and you are teaching us all the time. Thank you for sharing! Congrats! #113401

Judith G. Secco May 26, 2019

Congratulations on this little beauty!!
Judy #113536

Murry Grigsby May 26, 2019

Congarts, Dolores! #113590

Sharon E. Lowe level-addict May 26, 2019

Congrats Delores - a simply stunning image!! And, congrats on the new camera too!! #113636

Darren K. Fisher level-classic May 26, 2019

This is priceless I just love it. CONGRATS And very well deserved. #113785

Gerda Grice level-classic May 26, 2019

Dolores, I'm delighted to see this very tender and beautiful picture here among the finalists. If you hadn't told us that this was shot with a very complicated and brand new set of tools, we couldn't possibly haqve guessed. It shows such totla mastery of the medium. Congratulations and best of luck with this. #113930

Ellen Peach May 26, 2019

So absolutely beautiful...this is headed straight to the top...a well deserved congratulations!!! #114036

Wolfgang Dolak May 26, 2019

Congrats from me also!!!
birdie #114229

William C. Raco level-addict May 26, 2019

This is just precious.
Love it.
Best of luck to you and this photo,

bill #114344

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you, Bob, Mette, Colette, RoB, Jean-François, Juliane, Judy, Murry, Sharon, Darren, Gerda, Ellen, Birdie and bill!!

My...I am SO VERY PRIVILEGED to have made finalist and for your encouraging and supportive comments on this image. Thank you for gracing my finalist image with your thoughtful kindness!! It means a tremendous amount...and I care very deeply for you all! Thank YOU!! #114385

Denny Medley May 26, 2019

WOW!! What an incredible image! Fantastic, and a well-deserved finalist.
Congrats also on your digital SLR - I've only recently gotten mine, and like you, am still only learning the many capabilities of it. I went from a Nikon Coolpix 4500 to the Dslr Nikon D100, and absolutely LOVE IT! Carry it with me all the time (the guys at work love that), but I never wanna miss that 'perfect' shot!
Good work, and I'm sure we'll be seeing much more to come! #114562

Debbie S. May 26, 2019

SO well deserved This is simply gorgeous!!! Congratulations and I fully expect to see this in the winner's circle!!! #114642

Damian P. Gadal May 26, 2019

Congrats Dolores! :-) #114652

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

HI Denny!! You're very sweet to say those kind things!! Thank you so much for lifting my work!!

Congrats to you also on your dSLR!! I know exactly how you feel!

...the F100 and Fuji are VERY similar bodies (in fact I couldn't decide between the D100, D60 and Fuji)...made with the same materials even. Don't you just love handling one?? The first time I looked through the viewfinder, I was struck with emotion...I had been looking at an LCD for two years ...what a revelation! My slr is a big part of me now. I wish you countless potds with it!!

Hello Debbie!! Awww....what a lovely thing to "say". I thank you for your confidence in this image...I appreciate that so very much!! THANK YOU!! #114660

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe May 26, 2019

It's definitely a winner for me! Good luck in the finals with this one, Dolores :-) #114719

Dominique Declerck May 26, 2019

Quelle douceur!.. quelle jolie douceur!! ce portrait doit être à tout prix récompensé!!! bonne chance Dolores!!! #114882

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you so very much, Gary! I'm delighted you like it...and so pleased you think it's worthy of winning. Happy day!

Bonjour Dominique!! Merci!! Les choses vont bien? Je suis si reconnaissant pour vos mots précieux! Je suis très heureux vous aime cette photo! Bonjour! #115069

Betsy Drew May 26, 2019

I keep trying to get photos like this only to be disappointed. I love everything about it. It makes me want to go digital. I'm going to write down your equipment! Congratulations! #115161

Betsy Drew May 26, 2019

I keep trying to get photos like this only to be disappointed. I love everything about it. It makes me want to go digital. I'm going to write down your equipment! Congratulations! #115163

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hello BD....Words like yours are such a gift!! Thank you for being so sweet! It delights me that you approve of this image.

I'm not so sure the digital aspect of photography yields better results...just faster results. The photographer doesn't become a better photographer because he has used a different technology. I'd feel bad if you went out and purchased expensive digital equipment expecting a big difference in your work. The photographer commands the tool ..whether digital or film...though digital is cheaper in the long run. I'm sure you have everything you need right now to create the images you want!! And you CAN do it!! So you failed at a few shots!! I have way more failures than successes! Sometimes I have to shoot 50 shots before I get one that is postworthy...and sometimes I don't even get that! Please don't be disappointed...just keep shooting and keep correcting what you are doing wrong. BD...your words meants very much to me today...THank you for that. #115753

Monika Sapek level-classic May 26, 2019

Excellent photo, Dolores! Love the angle, softness and of course that lashes here! Tones and brightness are just perfect. Many congratulations on making finals and good luck!

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you so much, Monika!! How nice of you to comment so generously...YOU'VE done so well this you do every month!! I love your work!! #116100

Joy Brown May 26, 2019

WOW - Dolores - missed this one - BIG CONGRATS on your second place win with this awesome image! #117026

Kathleen Clemons May 26, 2019

Whoo Hoo to you, Dolores! Congratulations on your win with this beautiful image!! :) #117049

Susana Matos May 26, 2019

this is the BEST BABIE´S PHOTO i´ve ever seen from what I remember. you are a GREAT photographer and we are all happy that you found Photography in your life two years ago (wow, only 2 years for this level), IT´S NEVER LATE FOR THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE - THOSE WE LOVE TO DO. I feel honoured you saw and commented one of my picture, because it´s me who´s getting advantage from your work!! Su, POrtugal #117059

William C. Raco level-addict May 26, 2019

Very much deserving, Dolores.

bill #117129

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic May 26, 2019

Congratulations! #117185

Peggy Wolff May 26, 2019

Congratulations Dolores! You must have a life time if gallerys by this point! LOL #117222

Stephanie Adams May 26, 2019

congrats on a beautiful shot, Dolores!! #117340

Bernard B. Travers May 26, 2019

I see you are as much of an author as you are a photographer. Go head wit cha bad self.


Jean-Francois Schmutz May 26, 2019

Bravo Dolores !
so sweet image !

JF #117657

Gerda Grice level-classic May 26, 2019

This is a really wonderful baby picture, Dolores! Many congratulations on your very, very well deserved win! -Gerda #117684

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe May 26, 2019

Certainly no surprise that this is a winner! I agree with Gerda....a very, very well deserved win! Congratulations, Dolores :-) #117714

Murry Grigsby May 26, 2019

Congrats on your first S2(?) win. Such a sweet image. Well done, Dolores!! #117732

Connie L. Carpenter May 26, 2019

Congratulations, Delores... beautiful image. #117892

Wolfgang Dolak May 26, 2019

Receive my best wishes and a big CONGRATS on this win. There is no doubt about this image, Dolores!!
Good light!
birdie #117898

Collin Clack May 26, 2019

Dolores, it is obvious that your fans are many. Well done and congrats, this is a simply stunning high key portrait. #118146

Oksana Oksamit May 26, 2019

Dolores, Dolores, Dolores... you are a Big Master. Many congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #118231

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

You are all so generous and thoughtful, THank you!!

Thank you, Joy! I am honored that you "stopped by" to comment! Have a great Sunday!

Hi Kathleen! Many thanks for making my win a sweeter one with your comment! I appreciate it!!

Susana...your words are some of the kindest and nicest words I've ever heard. Thank you so much for your praise of my work. It means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you! (And it was a privilege to comment on your image!)

Hello dear bill! Thank you!! Your thoughtfulness is appreciated immensely!

Many thanks for your kindness, Mette! As always, well appreciated!

Hi Margaret! THANK YOU! I do have a gallery here until 2009(?) the gift of a win is so appreciated!! I appreciate your friendly post immensely!!

Thank you so much, STephanie! I appreciate the effort!!

Author, BT?? Nope, maybe I "talk" too much! Thanks once again, good friend! You are a dear!!

Bonjour JF!! Merci encore! As always, a delight to hear from you...and I always enjoy your work! have been such a wonderful supporter of this image. THank you for that. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness so very much. You have commented so generously on this image at at other fortunate I am for your loving kindness! Thank you!!

Thank you again, GAry!! Always a pleasure and privilege to receive a comment from you!!

Thank you again, Murry! What a sweet comment!! ;>) Appreciate the gesture!!

Thank you, Connie! I appreciate your post!

Hi Wolfgang! Thank you for taking time to congratulation me! You've done SO well this month...I'm not surprised!

Collin...I thank you for the gift of your time and comment. I am delighted that you approve of my baby pic. Happy day!

Hi Oksana! You are a sweetie! Nope, no master (but thank you!), just someone trying to learn more about something that I'm passionate about. I see passion in your work all the time also, Oksana!!


Judith G. Secco May 26, 2019

Congratulations, Dolores. This is one great portrait!
Judy #118349

lyn winans May 26, 2019

Congratulations Dolores! I'm sure this "little person" will treasure this photo always !
lyn #118383

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you so much, Judy!! Hope you're having a delightful Sunday!! Thank you for the words on my portrait.

HI Lyn!! THank you! I printed it and framed it for her 1 yr. old birthday yesterday. It's very special to me.

Hey....and congrats again on your win at DIC today!! woo hooo! #118398

Dominique Declerck May 26, 2019

C'est dans l'Art que la Femme se dépasse définitivement elle-même.(Simone de Beauvoir) ... vous êtes une artiste, Dolores!!! toutes mes félicitations!!! #118490

Monika Sapek level-classic May 26, 2019

Many congratulations on your wonderful Second Place win, Dolores! I just love your work!

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Les mots sont très beaux par Simone de Beauvoir...vous êtes un artiste aussi, Dominique!! Je suis certain!!Merci pous votre cadeau!!

Monika...Many thanks for your congratulations on my 2nd place. It is such an honor to even make finalist...particularly with 7300 photos this past month!! 2nd place is an even greater honor!! #118788

Nev Young May 26, 2019

Congrats Dolores!! So you chose the S2 - does that mean more portraits. Keep them coming.

Nev #118801

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Hi Nev! So nice to run into you here!

Yep..chose the S2...after much delibation...was quite relieved it was over too. Decisions, decisions! (though I'm sure anyone in an impoverished 3rd world country would feel privileged to have the opportunity to make such a decision!)

"does that mean more portraits"...geez, you got me on that one, Nev. I have no clue!! Whatever comes my way, I guess!

Very nice of you to comment!! Thank you! #118857

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

oops...I mean "much deliberation".... #118869

June Marie Sobrito May 26, 2019

Congratulations, Dolores. This is priceless!! #118991

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you so very much, June Marie! Your comments are priceless too!! happy day! #119308

Kathy L. Schneider May 26, 2019

Here's my comment....waaaaaay down at the bottom of this big list!!! LOL!
Well, well Dolores, I've been out of the loop for awhile!! You have a new camera!! WoooHoooo! Looks like you are putting it to good use here! I absolutely love this Hush little Baby!
How soft and wonderful it is, great eyelashes too! Congrats on your second place win with it here and I saw it win at one of the other sites too, was that today!? congrats again! Sorry I haven't kept up on things, I look forward to seeing all of your new work...look out everyone now that
Dolores has this "Beast"!! #119619

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Kathy!! Hi there! How nice to hear from you again! You've been a busy woman, I can tell!

Yes, Hush Little Baby has been doing quite Shutterbugs, DIC and here....posted potd at Bestfoto today so we'll see what happens there with it at the end of the month. I never thought in a million years I'd end up with a useable shot with my new S2! I had never handled any SLR before, much less a digital one so I didnt' expect anything worthwhile to come out of it yet. I guess I was lucky! Don't be sorry you've been out of the loop!! I was out of it for 6 weeks or so while gearing up...had nuttin for a lens! Yikes! Then I needed more storage (digital wallet), different rechargeable batteries, new filters, a new bag for transporting and storage of equipment, a new tripod, monopod, cleaning supplies for CCD, teleconverter...and I'm still buying! I just want the buying to end, I'm going broke! Thank you, Kathy!! #119632

Cathy M. Gromball May 26, 2019

Congratulations, Dolores!

Cathy :) #126355

Dolores Neilson May 26, 2019

Thank you so much, CAthy!! I appreciate that alot! #126410

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic June 28, 2005

Congratulations Dolores. This is beautiful. Love your gallery. You have some fantastic photos in it. #1533058

November 09, 2007

This is beautiful! #5049445

Coleen Thompson June 23, 2008

Wow.... Delores this photo has completely stolen my breath away. I haven't the words to express how in awe I am of this shot. I have been trying to capture a set of long dark eyelashes just like this one, but can't seem to come close to what you have done here. Any pointers? #6098902

Terry Cervi level-classic April 09, 2016

Have always LOVED your work, Dolores!! Congrats! #11459127

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