Family Photos: Fathers Day Celebration Ideas

How to Photograph Father and Son, Father and Daughter

by Kerry Drager

The great bond between parent and child can produce some truly memorable images. In fact, BetterPhoto members and instructors have captured some wonderful portraits that show the loving relationship between father and daughter, father and son. And, of course, that special family occasion - Father's Day - offers great opportunities to capture cherished memories in pictures. Following are some thoughts on photographing Fathers Day Celebration Ideas.

Cooling Off
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Tips for Photographing Fathers Day Celebration Ideas:

Composing Your Image: Study the innovative pictures by BetterPhoto members and instructors, and you'll see such a wide array of camera angles and perspectives.

Many BP images involve formal or casual portraits - whether full-length shots or tight close-ups. Most, however, involve striking candids - whether at play or engaged in loving moments. In some cases, the faces aren't even shown - for example, a dad pointing out the ins and outs of a ball game. Other times, the hands of father and child link to form a strong symbolic gesture.

Lighting Your Subjects: Nothing beats the beauty of pleasing natural light. A solid overcast sky, in fact, acts like a giant white umbrella to cast soft and even light. But late-day or early-morning sunlight can put your subject in a beautiful warm glow. Also consider sidelight or window light for a striking mood portrait. Harsh, sunny midday? Fill in the shadows with fill-in flash, or move your subjects into open shade.

The only limiting factors in photographing dads and children are your own imagination. Don't be afraid to experiment with angles of light and viewpoint. Frame both horizontals and verticals. Color or black and white? Go for both!

My Love and My Life
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Resources for Fathers Day Celebration Ideas

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