Funny Pictures: How to Capture Humor in Photos

by Jim Miotke

Funny pictures are a real treat! When you need a boost, a funny photo can give you just the laugh you're looking for. Why wait for another photographer to delight you with these cute or funny pictures? You can easily capture your own humorous images, as long as you keep a few tips in mind. This article shares a selection of BetterPhoto's all-time funniest photos, and shows you how to capture your own hilarious pictures.

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Funny Picture Tip 1: Center (or Off-Center) Your Subject

With many photographic subjects, simply centering it in the frame can add a silly feeling to the photo. This works best when you're photographing an animal or person staring right into the camera.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Often, placing your subject off-center will deliver the desired comedic effect. Keep an eye on composition - where you put stuff in the photo - and select the composition that makes you smile the most. Better yet, shoot both ways - centered as well as off-centered - and choose your favorite funny picture after the fact.

Walking the Dog
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Funny Picture Tip 2: Look for Differences in Size and Use Wide-Angle

From the days of Laurel and Hardy, having one element big and one element small often makes a funny picture. Look for subjects with something much bigger or smaller nearby, as in this funny photo of a little girl walking a big dog.

Also, you can have a lot of fun by getting close to your subjects and using a super wide-angle lens.

Digital Discovery
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Funny Picture Tip 3: Photograph Kids, Animals, or Both

There's no doubt about it, children and animals can be hilarious. Kids are cute at almost every turn. And animals can cause just as many smiles, especially when they have a funny expression on their face or get into a humorous position. Everybody has seen a funny photo of a cat, dog, girl or boy in some pose that makes you giggle. They continually give us comic-photographers great subjects to work with.

Funny Picture Tip 4: Feel Free to Set It Up

Don't listen to the myth that all humorous photos have to happen without planning. The truth is that most great photos first come as an interesting idea and then the photographer sets up the shot. So if you have a funny idea, feel free to make it happen, as Kathleen Clemons did with this lobster image, where a lobster appears to be writing out his will. If fact, Kathleen came up with a whole series of funny lobster photos. Check out her Deluxe Web Site to see more.

No Remorse
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Funny Picture Tip 5: Carry Your Camera Everywhere You Go

Simple as that, you have to be prepared to take funny pictures. Great photos don't just happen. Great photographers aren't just lucky. The best picture-takers make the funny picture by being prepared, with camera in hand, at the very moment the humorous event unfolds.

That's all folks! Head on out with an eye for funny pictures and these tips in mind, and before long you'll have many hilarious photos. I can't wait to see them here at BetterPhoto!

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