Backlighting Fall Leaves

Translucent subject? Try shooting toward the sun for a more dramatic photo!

by Linda Eodice

Backlit Fall Tree
© Linda Eodice
All Rights Reserved

There are lots of good arguments for shooting into the sun – even though we’ve been warned against doing this in the past. However, translucent subjects like leaves, flowers and hair look great when backlit because strong backlighting makes them glow, as if lit from within.

When shooting landscapes, backlighting creates a wonderful sense of three dimensions because it throws shadows toward the camera, emphasizing a sense of depth. You can get some nice rim-lighting effects with hair, while leaves and flower petals can take on a special glow. I photographed this tree in Zion National Park, Utah, in October several years ago. At just the right camera angle, the golden leaves were backlit by the low angle of the sun, while the background remained dark because the sun didn’t illuminate this area. The result is some bright, glowing fall leaves against a dramatic, black backdrop.

When you shoot fall color, look for leaves that are backlit by the sun. This lighting may result in some of your most dramatic images.

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