Photography in Great Light: Cities at Twilight

by Jim Zuckerman

© Jim Zuckerman
All Rights Reserved

The most beautiful time to photograph cities and architecture is twilight. You must use a tripod, though, so the ISO can be low. Even with the more sophisticated cameras that have unbelievably high ISO capabilities, in low light situations like twilight shadows will show noise. Don't be lazy -- use a tripod. Not only will you be able to produce technically superior images, but you can also have as much depth of field as you want.

In this photo, I felt it was critical to have the foreground sculpture be as sharp as the bridge in the background. Only with a tripod could I have everything I wanted out of this scene. For this shot of the Tower Bridge in London, I specifically didn’t go the HDR route. I wanted deep shadows and pronounced contrast for drama and visual impact. My camera settings for this picture were 8 seconds, f/13, and 100 ISO. I used a 24-105mm lens set to 24mm.

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