Shooting Portraits with Window Light

by Linda Eodice

Window Light Portrait
© Linda Eodice
All Rights Reserved

Natural light coming in through a window can provide a soft, pleasing source for illuminating indoor portrait subjects.

But sometimes this lighting can be highly directional. The contrast between the window and room sides of a subject’s face is often too great for a digital camera to record, and the shaded room side of the image reproduces too darkly.

One common solution is to use a reflector to bounce light onto the shade side of your portrait subject. However, you can turn your subject toward the window so you can get a profile or three-quarter view, as I did when photographing this child looking out of a picture window. The window light illuminated her face nicely, and the fall-off of light into the shadow area works well, even without a reflector.

Experiment with natural window light, and enjoy!

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